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Heartwork Bundle


Pre-order your Heartwork bundle. This bundle comes with two solidarity stickers, a tree of life pendant, 5 tumble stones, and your choosing of a gift certificate for $10 off any future purchase or for buy 2 rings get 1 free. Stones will come in a variety, one of each stone: aventurine, red jasper, white howlite, snowflake obsidian, rose quartz, sodolite, and rhodonite. Gift certificates can be used in person at future art shows or online. The solidarity stickers are circular, so the diameter is 1.5''. This bundle will be shipped out after May 21. All proceeds will go towards supporting the launch of Heartwork Studio. 


In an effort to support local and micro-businesses as well as artists who have been hugely affected by COVID-19, Dyme Designs, a handmade social activist jewelry business in Seattle, asks you to support Heartwork Studio. 

The Heartwork Studio is the heartwarming project Roedah Mansour, Seattle-based visual poet and community worker for social impact, began this past year. Aimed at providing branding and marketing services to other local and small businesses, nonprofit and communities, she sought to utilize her skills to empower others. Her craft began with visual art on Youtube, aimed at motivating and empowering young women to overcome traumas, internal conflict, and other prevalent socioemotional and mental issues. She now looks to employ her skills to grow others in a larger scale. The Heartwork Studio was meant to launch both online and with in person services by March 2020, with Roedah dedicating her all to coordinating with local businesses, but with the COVID-19 pandemic at large, all efforts have halted. All funding has been pulled back and all projects in queue have been cancelled. 

Help the Heartwork Studio launch, help sustain this visual artist's dream! Proceeds will also go to covering basic livelihood expenses in addition to business expenses in order to proceed with launching.

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