Dyme Designs is a family-operated business that specializes in wire-wrapped jewelry and crystal art. Our pieces are inspired by our Chinese heritage, philosophy and nature.


I create and sell handmade wire-wrapped jewelry and crystal art while my father is a metalsmith and creates beautiful statement pieces. We use 14k gold filled, sterling silver or rose gold filled to create wire-wrapped jewelry with precious and semi precious gems and crystals. Our jewelry and crystal art are made with love and intention, and wire wrapped with precious stones and metals. 


We now carry select crystals and you can find our collection online and or at our pop up events and markets. Our crystal art ranges from wall hangings and crystal display holders that are used for home decor. Created with love and intention, they are welded to customize each crystal we display, wire wrapped with stones, and we add silicone as needed to help protect the crystal points.


Dyme Designs is proud to carry grade a jadeite and nephrite jade. We have a variety of rings, carved pendants, earrings, bracelets, and bangles. To learn more about jade, please visit this page

Permanent jewelry

On site welding services are available to make your jewelry permanent. We currently provide 14k gold filled and sterling silver chain available for your bracelets. This service is only available by appointment only. Please email us if you are interested.


Dyme Designs artwork is currently at the following store locations:

Wing Luke Museum Marketplace

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