Jade Care & Policy

Jade Care

Jade can be both durable and brittle. Since it is a natural mineral, like most stones, they are susceptible to environmental factors and can be damaged. To maintain jade, please use the following tips. 

- Ok to use with water and mild soap

- Keep away from harsh chemicals, including chlorine in pools and hot tubs, cleaning supplies & rubbing alcohol in hand sanitizer

- Please avoid contact with hard surfaces or dropping it on the ground

- Because jade rings are worn on the fingers and are many of them are thin bands, if they are dropped on the ground, they are likely to either break or the natural lines in the jade rings will be exacerbated. 

Jade Rings Warranty 

Jade rings will have natural lines that are often hard to see to the average eye sight. And so, we provide a jade ring warranty for jade rings. If they are broken within 14 days after purchasing from us and they were not dropped on the ground, we can provide a complimentary replacement. If they are broken within 30 days, but have passed the 2 week warranty, we are able to provide 50% off your next jade ring replacement (same value as original purchase). After one month of purchase, the next jade ring purchase will be at full retail price. Please note that this does not apply to jade rings that are purchased at our wholesale or stockists locations. We also do not provide refunds for jade purchases. Please email info@dymedesigns.com with date of purchase, receipt, and where it was purchased from.