A time to pause and reflect

Mercury retrograde is a time when there can be increased miscommunication, technology mishaps and feelings of uncertainty/unsettlement. This is a result of the optical illusion that planets are moving backwards. Sometimes it can appear (from our perspective) that a planet has abruptly switched directions and started to move in reverse, which is an illusion caused by the position of Earth in relation to that of the planet. Mercury retrograde ends on October 1 but there is a post retrograde period where some may still feel its effects. Although many can experience confusion during this time, it's also the perfect time to take a pause and reflect.

I've intuitively selected a bundle that has helped me through mercury retrogrades and wanted to share it with you all. This seasonal bundle is available until October 16, when post mercury retrograde ends.

Bundle comes with:
  • Green jade tumble stones (Burmese jade and nephrite jade)
  • Amazonite tumble stones
  • Blue fluorite tower
  • Amethyst raw piece
  • Citrine (heat treated) raw piece and tumble stones 
  • Aquamarine tumble stones

Image of crystals and related healing properties

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