We first collaborated in 2017 while we were first creating our respective brands. nyakuïy wanted pictures that represented her essence, while I wanted images of models wearing my jewelry. This partnership grew throughout the years, where the images became a reflection of our collective growth. 

To support her work, follow her on social media. She's available for clarity calls, soulful guidance, and soulful coaching. Find more information about how she can guide you here.

"to me, jewelry is a form of artistic expression. it's creativity on display. i love how unique it can be. i see jewelry as adornment of the body, a way to honor the beauty that is the body as it is. in my indigenous nuer (south sudan) tradition certain jewelry is worn after certain rites of passages, waist beads for women is one example. the jewelry we choose to wear says something about us, our vibes, our mood. i also see jewelry as a transporter for whatever vibe or message we want to send out into the world. sometimes jewelry is just cute. there's that too."

- Nyakuiy

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