Everythang Culture x Dyme Designs

Everythang Culture meets Dyme Designs. Both inspired by culture, these two brands aim to spread awareness about the beauty of culture. The first of many collaborations, you can support Everythang Culture x Dyme Designs here.

Everythang Culture, the Podcast for All Cultures brings in perspectives from all over the world with their wide variety of guests. Their three pillars are communication, respect, and consistency which is embedded in everythang they do. They strive to respectfully explore backgrounds and beliefs on a weekly basis. They are here to learn, laugh and love and invites you to join their journey. Designed to elevate, Dyme Designs creates art that tells stories of culture and nostalgia. Dyme Designs joined an episode of their podcast to discuss artivism (art + activism), the significance of cultural preservation in Seattle's Chinatown-International District, and solidarity with the Black Lives Matter Movement.

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